Letter from the Editor

Hi my name is Jim Banks and I am this year’s Editor-in-Chief of our newsletter, The Right Wing. After a one year hiatus, we’re bringing The Right Wing back better than ever. It’s a big task, but I’m ready and eager to get things going. Whether it’s the The Right Wing Blog, our formal review, or the newly created The Right Wing twitter, we’re going to do our best to bring you the best of news and opinion from the American University College Republican membership.  Let me take the time to describe to you my plans for the year for The Right Wing.

We will be bringing back both the print form and the blog form of The Right Wing. It’s important to have these two mediums for The Right Wing as it provides different ways for people to contribute. Some people prefer blogging. Others prefer the more formal setting of a newsletter. Either way, we are providing the AUCR community with multiple ways of communicating their views through writing. With the blog, anyone who wants to write will be able to have an almost instantaneous way of expression their opinion. Right now, we are planning on having a blog posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5 PM. Timothy Vallario will be posting his first blog with us tomorrow (Monday) at 5 PM. With the implementation of a The Right Wing twitter account, we will be linked into the 24/7 online news cycle.

The print edition is a tradition of the AUCRs though and will be just as important as any of our online efforts. For now, we are focusing on covering the events of the AUCRs and major news events including the midterm election. However, it is my personal goal to grow this paper into one which can have a variety of sections for articles. To have a diverse and high quality newsletter which provides both news and opinion is the ultimate goal which I know we can reach.

So I would encourage you to become a contributor to The Right Wing. It’s ok if you are not the best writer. We would be doing a disservice if we were not providing every College Republican at American University with a place to write and express their opinions. Even if you’re even on the fence about contributing please find me on Facebook or email me at aurightwing@gmail.com. There are so many opportunities with The Right Wing that even if writing doesn’t appeal to you, there are still many ways to be a part of it. There are endless possibilities for us and I can’t wait to work with everyone.

About Jim Banks

I am the Editor-in-Chief for The Right Wing The Right Wing is the review of the American University College Republicans. We publish opinion pieces by members of the AUCRs as well as news stories on our activities. For more information, contact us at aurightwing@gmail.com
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