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The AUCRs Make CNN!!!

The American University College Republicans Election Panel made CNN! The clip includes an interview with AUCR President Stephen Laudone as well as with The Right Wing Contributor Josh Kaib! Advertisements

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Where the GOP Stands in the Battle for the Senate

Note:  This is a revised and updated version of a blog post originally posted here on September 30th.   The original can be viewed at With just over two weeks until Election Day, we can safely say that Republicans will take back the … Continue reading

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The Real Crisis of Confidence

Political pundits love to harp on whatever the public’s confidence in government is this month. What doesn’t get talked about enough is the confidence level in media. According to Gallup, 57 percent of the country has little or no trust … Continue reading

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The Revival Ought Not Forget Social Conservatism

Some say that the Tea Party’s popularity and the general rightward movement in America have come about based solely on economic and anti-establishment concerns. Conservatives have been told that defense of issues like the right to life, traditional marriage, and … Continue reading

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Firing Pelosi

Walking past the Republican National Committee’s headquarters in D.C., all you can see is a giant red banner with the newest GOP campaign to “Fire Pelosi”. This has been a central focus for the 2010 Midterm Elections to win back … Continue reading

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