Firing Pelosi

Walking past the Republican National Committee’s headquarters in D.C., all you can see is a giant red banner with the newest GOP campaign to “Fire Pelosi”. This has been a central focus for the 2010 Midterm Elections to win back the House majority so we can get a Republican in place of current Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. But the Republicans may not even need to win the House to get rid of Pelosi.

With the midterms so close, the Democrats are completely changing strategy from the 2008 Election. Back then any ad you saw for a Democrat’s campaigns had Barack Obama and even some had Pelosi directly listed and shown all over them. Now you would be hard pressed to find any ads that have Obama in them. As for Pelosi, one candidate went so far as to come out against her by asking her not to run again; making an attempt to disassociate with the current Democrats in power in Congress. This is a complete flip-flop of associations that stems from the current displeasure across the board for voters with Democrats.

With President Obama’s approval ratings declining, the Democrats are trying to stand apart and appear more moderate, which has led to thoughts of other candidates for Speaker of the House. For the Republicans the ultimate goal was always to win back the House majority and put in place Minority Leader John Boehner. Boehner is representative of where the GOP wants to go and what goals they believe the House needs to have. Most recently he spoke out on the fact that the Democrat Party would rather spend time in session listening to Stephen Colbert mock their debates than actually vote on something that matters such as the extension of the Bush era tax cuts. Boehner, like so many others across the country is sick of the party that won on a campaign of “Hope and Change” that has yet to truly deliver on that promise. And if Democrats don’t like the prospective of Boehner in power, then there is one other Republican possibly heading for the position: Minority Whip Eric Cantor. Classified as the leader of the new GOP group the “Young Guns,” he is in a possible position to pass Boehner as the frontrunner for Speaker of the House. Either option will return power to the Republican caucus.

If the Democrats do manage to hang on to the majority come November there are now options being proposed to get rid of Pelosi even by her own party. Congressman Gene Taylor (D-MS) offered that he would support Congressman Ike Skelton (D-MO Though Skelton has said moment he was not considering running for the position, he also would not state whether or not he would vote for Pelosi to keep the position. This is clearly playing politics as stating whether or not he would run could jeopardize his re-election for his district. But regardless of Skelton’s plans, most of Congress is ready for a change in the leadership.

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  1. Tia Wright says:

    Wow – great insight! More people need to stand up and point out the important issues facing our nation!

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