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This is The Right Wing Editor in Chief Jim Banks wishing all a great Election Day. But in reality, tonight is a night for the Republican Party as tonight a wave is on it’s way. I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this by now you’ve heard the range of predictions for tonight from 50 to somewhere in the 80’s in the House and between 8 and 10 in the Senate.

So tonight the staff of The Right Wing will be covering the events of the Election in a Live Blog format. Not exactly a traditional live blog with a formal plug-in, but we’ll be doing our best. We’ll be commenting as the night goes on and every so often I’ll put up a question for our esteemed contributors. We’re going to have Paul Bencivenga and Josh Kaib for most if not all of the night and we should have some guests, staff and otherwise as the night goes on. Check here for all your election night news.

Jim Banks (6:39 PM): On this historic night, I would like our contributors to this Live Blog to introduce themselves and give their predictions for the night.

As previously mentioned, my name is Jim Banks and I am the Editor in Chief of The Right Wing Blog and Print Publication for the American University College Republicans. At this point, I’m predicting a 70-80 in the House and 7-9 in the Senate. Senate could definitely go Republican though as anything could happen at this point.

Paul Bencivenga (6:58)

I’m a commentator for the Right Wing Blog. The night is young and I don’t want to make any predictions, but everything leading up to tonight looks good. I am looking forward to the woe of thousands on Capitol Hill who will be circulating their resumes soon, if they haven’t already. Early upsets on the East Coast will set the tone for the rest of the country in this political tidal wave. The next round of polls close shortly…

Josh Kaib (7 pm):

I predict a pickup of 60 in the House and 8 in the Senate.  Keep an eye on Nevada and Colorado.  They will be the closest wins for the GOP.

Jim Banks (7:09 PM):

So far Kentucky, Indiana, and South Carolina in the Senate have been called.

Jim Banks (8:02 PM):

Congrats to SENATORS Rubio, Ayotte, Portman, Shelby, and Blunt. Senator Marco Rubio sounds really really good right now.

Jim (8:36 PM):

Add Senator Boozman and Congressman Robert Hurt of VA-5. Virginia turning Red!

Jim (8:41 PM):

And down goes GRAYSON!!!!!!! An Alan Grayson-less congress is one I can embrace.

Paul Bencivenga (8:50):

Manchin’s win in WV puts a damper on the GOP’s hopes of taking the Senate. He probably won’t be as bad as everyone thinks, but the GOP needs to sweep CO, NV, CA, and WA if they want to get 51…

Josh Kaib (9 PM):

No way are Republicans taking back the Senate.  But I’d rather have Joe Manchin in WV than any other Democrat.  He’ll side with Republicans more than Robert Byrd did.

Jim (9:14 PM):

So the House is called Republican according to Fox News. Can I get any predictions on upcoming midwest/west Senate races from our contributors?

Josh Kaib (9:25 PM):

Colorado and Nevada are going to be really close.  California is going to be bad for Republicans.  Unfortunately Fiorina and Whitman will lose.  But that’s CA for ya.

Jim (9:33 PM):

Senate’s looking really tough right now. But I think something to be excited about are the amount of great freshman Republicans we have on the way. With the wave of new conservative Republican congressmen we could see a bunch of new names stepping into the limelight.

Jim (10:18 PM):

Shoutout to AUCR Secretary Bobby Trivett who now has Lou Barletta as his Congressman and Tom Corbett as his Governor. Here’s to getting Pat Toomey as his Senator too.

Paul Bencivenga (10:34)

I’m proud to report that I have a new  Congressman in NJ-3: John Runyan. I’m crossing my fingers for a big Senate pickup in PA. Come on Toomey!!

Jim (10:41 PM):

Shaping up to be a great night. Congrats to Senator Ron Johnson and GOVERNOR Nikki Haley! Still much to come but things are looking great. More to come. Much more to come and we’ll be here all night.

Josh (10:55 PM):

Still waiting for a call on the PA Senate race.  WAY TOO close for comfort, but it was nice to see Republicans win (Barletta, Marino, etc) in PA House races.  I’ve been hosting live podcasts tonight.  You can visit my personal blog at americantruthmachine.wordpress.com.

Jim (11:28 PM):

Starting to get into the late hours/close numbers part of the night. Still a lot of big ones to go, and yet to be called, but get the coffee going because it’s going to take a while.

Jim (12:13 AM -11/3):

And they call it for Pat Toomey. Excuse me, SENATOR Pat Toomey. And down goes the younger of the two Reids in Nevada. Congrats to Gov Brian Sandoval in Nevada who beat Democrat Rory Reid. Sharron Angle, can you make Harry be next?

Jim (12:19 AM):

And Mark Kirk takes Senate in Illinois. Obama’s old Senate seat is now REPUBLICAN

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