End of the Semester Letter from the Editor

As the Editor-in-Chief of The Right Wing, I would like to thank our readers as well as all of our contributors for being a part of The Right Wing in our first semester back after two years of nonexistence. I am so proud to be a part of bringing back The Right Wing as the voice of the American University College Republicans. Freedom of speech is a vital part of our society and it is truly an honor to give the members of our club a forum to express their opinions on the pressing issues of today from our college in the nation’s capital.

It has been a huge endeavor. In just under four months, we have gone from a dead written publication to an active print publication, blog, and Twitter page with two print editions, 11 blog posts with a total of over 1,000 hits, and 670 followers on Twitter. It’s gone from being a big personal project for me in August, to now having seven contributors churning out blog posts, articles, and tweets.

However, it takes perspective to see how things of changed. Last year, there was not a single print edition of The Right Wing released. Not even the old Right Wing blog has had a post since May 2009. To go from nothing to two print editions in four months and an active blog is a huge achievement and the credit goes to our contributors for making it happen. I am just one person, and it would get very boring very quickly if I were the only one writing articles.

I concede that we are still very much in the growing process. We have seen much success, but there is plenty of work to do next semester. Next semester, we will strive to have a more consistent schedule for blog posts, with having a post a day as our goal. We will continue to use the social media of Twitter and Facebook to promote our blog. And as our organization grows, we will likely add a couple more contributors as well. There are many opportunities for expanding into different media as well. I am already working on one new and exciting branch of The Right Wing and expect to bring it into full operation by mid-January of the coming spring semester. There are many opportunities coming and I can’t wait to see what happens.

In conclusion, I would like to also thank the Executive Board of the American University College Republicans. Without their interest in bringing back The Right Wing, I would never have had the opportunity to do this. We had an amazing fall semester and we have many opportunities on the way for both the CR’s and The Right Wing in the Spring of 2011. We can proudly look back on our accomplishments, but there is much work to be done to keep it up and I know we’ll step up to the challenge. I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season. See you in the New Year!

– Jim Banks, The Right Wing Editor-in-Chief 2010-2011

About Jim Banks

I am the Editor-in-Chief for The Right Wing The Right Wing is the review of the American University College Republicans. We publish opinion pieces by members of the AUCRs as well as news stories on our activities. For more information, contact us at aurightwing@gmail.com
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