More Control More Comfort

The terror over what happened in Tucson this week will not be forgotten and will weigh heavily on Congress’ mind in the coming weeks. This tragedy has brought to light once again gun control matters. If this horror could have been prevented solely with stricter gun laws this new push would make sense but the fact is most likely would not have changed what happened. The senseless murders and injuries that occurred would have happened even without the new proposals to gun regulations.

Once Congress resumes next week Representative Carolyn McCarthy among others has a bill she is planning to propose concerning the rights of gun owners. The focus of the bill she wants to introduce is the magazines that are in the guns and how many rounds of ammunition they can hold. This is one piece of equipment on the gun that is easily remodeled, so even if the limit was passed the citizens who were already going to break the law will continue to do so with the magazine. For any other citizen it is just a hassle of having small magazines when trying to use the firearms we are allowed to have. It is all based on the belief that criminals obey laws that is within itself a contradiction because a criminal commits crimes.

With each shooting of this magnitude the cry is always for reform of gun control laws and people’s access to the weapons. But I follow the belief that has been stated before and Representative Trent Franks stated in response to this most recent proposal “I wish there had been one more gun there that day in the hands of a responsible person.” A gun in the hands of a responsible citizen can mean a killer shot and prevented from continuing their massacre. This thought is one that has yet to be comprehended by some people but guns are for protection and our right to defend ourselves, the misuse of this will not change because of more ineffectual restrictions.

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