Obama, Netanyahu, and the Prospect for Peace

As I’m typing this, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama have just finished a joint press conference from the Oval Office.  Since President Obama’s bombshell pro-Palestinian call for Israel to revert to its pre-1967 borders, Netanyahu and his associates have made it clear that such a move would be geographic suicide, endangering Israel’s very existence.

The AP sums up the meeting “between friends”  as “showing no concrete progress.”  To put it bluntly, President Obama’s narcissism has kept him from admitting that his Thursday speech, meant to mollify Muslims, was rude at best and hostile at worst.

The Israeli leader said he would make some concessions but Israel will not go back to the lines from decades earlier because they would be “indefensible.”

For his part, Obama said that there were differences of formulations and language but that such disputes are going to happen “between friends.”

In other words, like with Obamacare, this is just a “communications error.”  Geez, these people are so clueless.

Since Israel’s creation, American has stood by and defended it against Islamic attacks, both in the region and on the world stage.  For their part, the Palestinians, after losing multiple wars with Israel, decided to instead play to the West’s sympathies, and now, in Obama, they have their new Arafat in the West.  President Obama is becoming Jimmy Carter more and more as his Presidency progresses.

In September, a vote in the U.N. General Assembly will take place to call for the creation of a Palestinian state.  I hope our Law Professor-in-Chief, despite marinating his brains in far-left faculty lounges, stands up against such an anti-Israeli action and defends our greatest Middle East ally from any threats to its existence.

The prospect for Middle East peace is the worst it has been in a long time.  The so-called moderate Palestinian faction, Fatah, has reconciled with the terrorist political group Hamas.  Unless Hamas renounces terrorism and recognizes Israel’s right to exist, it doesn’t matter how much land Israel is willing to give up.  No treaty will magically materialize, even if Obama wills it to.

Realistically, no peace will be achieved unless significant pressure is placed on the Palestinians.  Unfortunately, Obama seems more interested in applying pressure on Israel.

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Josh Kaib, a junior at American University, is President of AU College Republicans.
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