Obamalaise (Welcome Back, Carter)

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The economy is in the crapper, and has been since the “Great Recession” began back in December 2007.  We’ve never really recovered.  Sure, the government economists can claim the recession ended months ago, but with labor participation at the lowest level in 27 years, the truth is clear:  While we may not be in a recession anymore, we have entered a period of malaise.

Day after day, Obama is becoming more and more like another failed, delusional Democrat, Jimmy Carter, who presided over a period of malaise not unlike that of today.

Laura Ingraham noted the similarities between Carter and Obama on the 32nd anniversary of Carter’s “malaise” speech:

A striking resemblance, no?

The truth doesn’t lie.  GDP figures from earlier this year have been revised down.  Job creation figures are miniscule and misleading.  Trillions of dollars in government spending and Federal Reserve “quantitative easing” (aka printing money out of thin air) have done very little to propel the economy forward (but have certainly devalued the dollar and racked up trillions in new debt).

At a time when private-sector job creation is most needed, businesses are under assault.  An activist EPA, wealth-destroying Obamacare, threats of tax increases, new job-killing financial  regulations, pro-union thuggery, and a litany of other anti-business measures are forcing businesses to expand elsewhere.

Welcome to the era of Obamalaise.  Get used to it.  As long as President Obama pursues an anti-growth agenda, America will suffer at the hands of an economic illiterate, obsessed with reelection and drunk with power.

2012 can’t come fast enough.

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Josh Kaib, a junior at American University, is President of AU College Republicans.
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