Smelly Mob Descends on D.C.

An idiot who can't spell "Tahrir" properly. (Getty Images)

The anti-capitalist class warfare-waging hippies who are “occupying” Wall Street have inspired like-minded mental midgets to descend on over 30 American cities, including Washington.  While they are finally protesting in a deserving city (the federal government deserves more blame for our economic woes than Wall Street), the “Occupy Insert City Here” crowd continues to baffle observers, left and right.

What exactly don’t they like?  What solutions do they propose?  What kind of candidates will they endorse?  Unlike the Tea Party, which has been a loosely linked coalition of small-government conservatives, the Weed Party is a coalition of disgruntled youths, obsolete unions, unemployed fine arts majors, washed up celebrities, and committed left-wing community activists.

If you go by the signs, these people are against pollution, corporations, rich people, and unemployment.  Never mind that their protests are damaging the environment and paid for by rich left-wingers.  I’ve also noticed the sea of corporate products that accompany the protestors, from Apple iPhones to Starbuck’s Lattes.  And while they are protesting unemployment, many are also calling for Obama’s reelection and the implementation of far-left policies, because these last three years under Obama’s leftist regime have been so great for job creation, or something like that.

We will continue to cover the “Occupy DC” movement here at The Right Wing.  Once the protestors string together a few coherent thoughts, maybe they can be a helpful part of the political dialogue.  Until that time, if it ever comes, they will just be a smelly mob.

BONUS VIDEO:  Protestors getting pepper-sprayed at the Air and Space Museum.

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Josh Kaib, a junior at American University, is President of AU College Republicans.
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