Cain Will Surge On

As Herman Cain gains the support of more and more Republicans (his name recognition among Republicans was only about 20 % in March) the spotlight has fallen directly on his persona. Cain is fighting against an outpouring of media attacks recently, which claim he sexually harassed two former female employees (and possibly a third) as the head of the National Restaurant Association. The Washington Post has tweeted relentlessly about Cain’s reactions to the Politico article released Sunday, which broke the story.

The left, including the liberal dominated media, are clearly trying to smear Cain’s name, in what has been called a “witch hunt” against Cain.

ABC Polls released Friday show that Cain has not stumbled from the allegations, showing that seven out of ten Republicans have dismissed the “scandal” as baseless and irrelevant. He remains even with Romney with a quarter of Republicans behind him.

I can’t say that I speak for every young Republican in the nation, but I can say that many of us are simply fed up with such baseless claims and distractions from real issues. In terms of a real scandal, this is nothing.

I had the pleasure of running into Cain’s personal bodyguard on the hill this week. In a fifteen minute sit down chat he told me that what Cain’s campaign is truly focused on is not the personal attacks, not the political and partisan bickering, and not the media centered frenzy. Cain isn’t focused on covering his tracks for every little thing he has ever done. He’s not focused on wasting campaign time on issues that occurred years ago and are long over and done with. He’s not focused on bringing down other candidates, and he’s not focused on petty issues like smoking cigarettes.

Cain is focused on getting America working again to the best of its ability. He was the first candidate (and arguably, only candidate) to put forth a real, clear cut plan about how to get the economy back on its feet. No fine lines, no strings attached, no political wish wash. He’s a problem solver, and the nation needs a problem solver now more than ever.

The 9-9-9 plan, while under constant scrutiny, in itself isn’t even the hub of Cain’s ideas. The plan itself represents Cain’s desire to do something– it is proof that he isn’t going to idly sit by and tell everyone what they want to hear. Cain is a candidate that will bring a concrete plan to the table. He’s willing to put his name on an actual plan that doesn’t include a second or third round of failed government stimulus spending.

Will the sexual harassment case ultimately spell doom for Cain’s candidacy? No, it won’t. The allegations will prove to have the opposite effect; they will disgust the American people as nothing more than personal attacks on baseless past events. The “scandal” has already reached its peak, in my opinion. I’m not arguing that the Washington Post and other liberal media outlets won’t break out the shovels and dig long and hard to search for some buried treasure on Cain. They will certainly try. But why would a businessman such as Cain run for President if he knew he had scandals to be unearthed?

He wouldn’t. He doesn’t fear anything about his past. He knows the American people are focused on the issues of today. The economy. The tax system. Government spending. The national debt.

Sure, Cain may be a political novice. But he’s no stranger to government and the way it works. He hasn’t been blind during the past 20 or 30 years; he knows what the typical road to the presidency involves.

The difference, however, between the typical political road and the road Cain is no doubt currently on, is that the domestic issues this country faces are far more important than they have been in recent years. The country is searching for a candidate who understands how to fix the economy.

Again, I can’t say I speak for all young Republicans in the country. And nor am I saying Cain is a lock up to win the nomination. That field is still very much in contention.

But as Republicans, it’s our job to put forth a viable candidate who can defeat Barack Obama in 2012. My argument simply is that Cain does have a viable chance to be that person.

We can let the liberal media play around with petty issues like the allegations Cain has faced. In the end, they will do nothing but put into perspective what really needs to be written about in the media. When they’re done wasting their time, we’ll be more ready to talk about the real issues, the issues that Americans actually care about.

Love or hate Cain, there is no debating that he is shaking up modern politics in more ways than one. We as Americans know what problems  need to be fixed. And you can bet that Herman Cain’s focused on fixing those problems.

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