Occupy Parasites Harass Defenders of the American Dream

The mature and responsible “Occupy” movement has so far done an effective job of spreading its message through the use of offbeat drum circles, incoherent chants, and illiterate signs.

Now the occupiers, who are already economically terrorizing the nation (lost business for establishments near the protests, higher security and sanitation costs for local governments, etc), have begun to physically terrorize hard-working Americans as well.

The first widespread physical violence I spotted was in Oakland.  There, occupiers attacked police officers by throwing bottles and paint at them.  You see, the little children had been evicted from the park (they had no permit), so they tried to reclaim it, meeting resistance from police.  In response to the paint and glass bottles, police used teargas and rubber bullets (not enough in my opinion).

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Pretty soon the whole situation was out of control, and by the end of last week occupiers, firmly back in their campsites thanks to a weak mayor afraid of the mob, descended on the city to wreak havoc.  They attacked businesses, shattered windows, shut down a port, lit bonfires, and intimidated financial institutions.  Nice job guys.

Perhaps inspired by these events, occupiers in D.C. took to the streets to block people from leaving the convention center after the “Defending the American Dream Summit.”  This kind of harassment is unacceptable in a civilized society, but then again I wouldn’t consider these people civilized.  Michelle Fields of The Daily Caller was there, and her team got some great video.  Check it out here.

These barbarian parasites just don’t get it, do they?  Maybe if they had some marketable skills they wouldn’t need to drain the public resources just so they can scream at successful people and feel good about themselves.

The very people they are attacking, the much-loathed top 1%, are responsible for creating jobs and growing the economy.  The occupiers, who falsely claim they are 99% of the country (when numerically they barely outnumber Jon Huntsman supporters), destroy jobs and drain public resources.

The top 1% work their asses off creating wealth and improving society with new products and services.  The occupiers sit on their asses while disrupting society and using those products and services.

The top 1% give close to one-third of their earnings to the government.  Many of the occupiers, like parasites, take more from the government than they contribute.

The top 1% stand for individualism and freedom.  The occupiers stands for collectivism and mob rule.

The top 1% dare to risk it all to achieve the American Dream.  The occupiers demand that they be given the American Dream without having worked for it.

I think you get the picture.

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Josh Kaib, a junior at American University, is President of AU College Republicans.
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  2. Erica Blair says:

    I kind of see the OWS people as being like this: “How dare you be rich you bloody rich bastards!” There’s not a legitimate complaint. Just envy and enmity. I often wonder how movie stars and athletes can avoid such public outrage, but businessmen cannot…

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