An Inside Look at College Campus Bias

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American University has been rated one of the most politically active schools in the United States by the Princeton Review. It is a battle ground for debating international events or domestic politics. College students tend to hold a significantly strong bias when it comes to politics. Being that this is one of the most politically active schools in the nation, the bias is even stronger.

College students tend to lean further to the left. When you are a young full time student it is easier to challenge the establishment and call for radical change. We’ve seen this most recently in the Occupy Wall Street protests, a boisterous collection of primarily young college students protesting the free market, yet providing no thorough demands. This campus bias is very difficult for students to stray away from. In fact, students have reported that they feel pressured to have specific political views. An upperclassman recently told The Right Wing as much: “Admitting that you are not a liberal at AU is not a smart idea.”

A non-representative survey of American University undergraduates was conducted online with a feedback of over 150 participants. Over half of the students identified themselves as Democrats, while in a close second was the Independent Party, leaving the students who identified themselves as Republicans at only 11%. Quite interesting for the fact that being the most politically active school it all seems to be by one ideal. Like most college students their views are identical to their parents, in fact 67% of the participants in the survey agreed to this. A striking number of students marked current President Barack Obama as their favorite and they believe he will win the 2012 election campaign.

It is interesting that college is declared as a place to explore and develop your own ideas, yet when it comes to political feelings, the emphasis is usually placed on the left side of the spectrum. Professors have been known to share their strong political opinions. One student–who requested to remain anonymous–reported that several professors have looked down at her when she announced she will be interning at a notable and high-paying financial institution. They then were quick to applaud the students in her class who announced they were working at NGOs that were unpaid. “The professors have this disdain toward Capitalism and the concept of the free-market. I don’t understand why.”

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