Adjuncts of the World, Unite!

So, remember when I told you about the adjuncts wanting to unionize? Yeah, well they just made it official:

AU adjuncts voted to unionize today, according to a University-wide memo sent by Provost Scott Bass.

Of the 664 votes cast, 379 adjuncts voted in favor of joining Service Employees International Union Local 500 and 284 voted against.

A total of 1,672 adjuncts were eligible to vote in this election.

Bass said the University will not challenge the election and instead move on to bargaining with the union.

“We look forward to beginning the collective bargaining process and engaging in a constructive dialogue with the union regarding issues related to adjunct faculty employment,” he said.

A date to begin the collective bargaining has not yet been set.

Slow clap for the Eagle and its weak reporting!  Not only has that worthless newspaper supported the adjuncts through a guest column, but they refuse to adequately represent a dissenting view or report the downside of unions.  Their words are often recycled left-wing talking points, which match up nicely with the recycled compost they are printed on.

Where is the context? Did they even bother to do the math? Less than 23% of eligible voters actually voted to unionize, but because of the undemocratic process by which unions are formed, American University adjuncts will be forced to give up a portion of their paychecks to fund the thuggish SEIU and Democrat campaigns.

But don’t forget Scott Bass and the other worthless administrators who did NOTHING to prevent this.  The adjunct union means higher wages, which in turn will probably mean higher tuition at the second most expensive university in the country.

What we ought to do is march down to the SEIU’s HQ in Dupont and occupy it.  Then we should go on strike until the university guarantees that tuition increases will not exceed inflation.  Let’s speak out and make our voices heard (without becoming a bunch of crazies like Occupy)! Or, you know, we could go back to being completely passive and pretending like this stuff doesn’t matter.

God forbid a conservative speak out.  After all, this is a college campus.

The preceding words are solely those of Josh Kaib and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American University College Republicans, the AUCR eboard, or the contributors to The Right Wing Blog.

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Josh Kaib, a junior at American University, is President of AU College Republicans.
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  1. Do you really think the unionization is the result of union structure, rather than a simple lack of turn out? I mean, I doubt you’d be complaining about an “undemocratic process” if the numbers were reversed.

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