AUCR Executive Board Statement Regarding Brewer Event Protest


The AUCR eboard, of which I am a part, has published an op-ed in The Eagle.  I encourage you to read it.  An excerpt is presented below.

We are thankful that Gov. Brewer took the time out of her schedule to come visit AU, and we value her contribution to a robust dialogue on campus about the important issues of the day. Dozens of students of all affiliations showed up to hear her perspective, yet a few students chose to ruin things for everyone by being destructive.

The acts by these students did not just disrespect Gov. Brewer, but also the College Republicans who put on the event and the students who came to listen respectfully to Gov. Brewer, regardless of whether they agreed with her. Most importantly, the students disrespected Public Safety officers, by lashing out at the officers for doing their jobs. To treat officers who work hard to ensure AU is a safe and vibrant community with such disrespect is unacceptable.

The members of the College Republicans support open debate and discussion on campus, and that is why we have never used or endorsed the tactics used against us last Friday. The fact that many members of the community who disagree with us have stood with us on the right to host speakers shows that this is not a partisan issue; it is a basic issue of tolerance and respect.

Sadly, some students have chosen to defend the truly radical actions of the protestors, claiming that it was because we screened questions. For the multitude of protestors, there was only one question submitted by a student outside of our group, and it was on an issue that would have been addressed if the governor had been allowed to finish answering the questions.

In the coming weeks, The Right Wing will be reporting the results of an exclusive investigation into the forces behind the protest.  Names will be named, hypocrisy will be exposed, and heads will roll.  We will not rest until justice is served.

About Josh Kaib

Josh Kaib, a junior at American University, is President of AU College Republicans.
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1 Response to AUCR Executive Board Statement Regarding Brewer Event Protest

  1. bipartisansneeded2012 says:

    “The members of the College Republicans support open debate and discussion on campus…” What? This, my friends, is wrong. I, a member of the AU community, who came to listen to Governor Brewer speak, was rudely ignored and shot down by (what I assume) was a member of the e-board of College Republicans. I was attempting to ask one of the College Republicans as to whether or not I would be able to start a discussion between myself and a few of the College Republicans, after the event. Of course, the event ended early, but I still wished I could have discussed the proceedings of the night with one of the CR’s. Unfortunately, I was rudely told to “shut up” by one of the CR’s.

    I know that one person’s actions does not speak for the whole group. However, I do find it very rude that that tone was taken with a RESPECTFUL member of the AU community, no matter how liberal I am.

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