AU Dems President Actively Involved with Anti-Brewer Protest

The Right Wing has exclusively confirmed that American University College Democrats President Chris Litchfield was actively involved with the protest against AZ Gov. Jan Brewer. The protest, which took place January 24, resulted in Gov. Brewer’s early exit from the University.  College Republicans organized the event.

This confirmation comes after nearly a week of investigation by The Right Wing and weak denials by the AU Dems.  Following the protest, the AU Democrats Executive Board put out a statement reading in part:

Despite the divergent views of the AU College Democrats and Governor Brewer, we want to make it clear that the AU College Democrats had no role in organizing or orchestrating the protest at Governor Brewer’s event on Friday.

While it may be true that the AU College Democrats had no role in the protest as an organization, the President of the club did, in fact, play an active role.

On February 22, Litchfield shared news of the event with the “Occupy AU” Facebook group, telling the 154 members that  “some folks might want to have a dialogue” with the Governor.

It is unclear what role, if any, Litchfield played in planning the disruption.  However, The Right Wing has obtained photographic evidence that he actively participated in the protest following the initial mic check.

The image below appears to show Litchfield on the roof of Mary Graydon Center while the banner was hanging from the roof.  It is unclear what role, if any, he had in making or hanging the banner.

Image originally sourced from ANA SANTOS / THE EAGLE

The Right Wing has also obtained clear footage that shows the AU Dems President interacting with members of the protest outside of the Kay Spiritual Life Center.  The images below, taken from that footage, definitively show that Chris Litchfield was a part of the protests.

It should also be noted that Litchfield answered the poll from The Eagle, which asked whether interrupting a speech is an acceptable form of protest.  In a contradiction to the AU Dems’ statement, he answered ‘yes.’

This comes just months after Litchfield was recorded taking part in an Occupy DC rally which blocked a handicapped woman from exiting a building.

The Right Wing will continue to investigate this matter.  We are working to bring you raw video from outside of Kay and are investigating multiple leads associated with the planning and execution of the protests.

Countless others have contributed to this exclusive report, including Right Wing writer Paul Bencivenga.  Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

UPDATE: The Right Wing has released a short video clip of Litchfield speaking to the protesters.  This video, plus a short statement explaining the motivations behind our investigation, can be viewed here.

 This blog post is dedicated to the memory of Andrew Breitbart, a fearless warrior in the fight against the institutional left.

About Josh Kaib

Josh Kaib, a junior at American University, is President of AU College Republicans.
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10 Responses to AU Dems President Actively Involved with Anti-Brewer Protest

  1. So you watched a youtube video and trolled on some Facebook threads. That’s some incisive journalism right there.

  2. Evan Baumel says:

    And this is important because…?

    • Josh Kaib says:

      Perhaps you didn’t read the AU Dems eboard statement. Since I only included a portion of it in the piece, here’s the whole thing:

      “Despite the divergent views of the AU College Democrats and Governor Brewer, we want to make it clear that the AU College Democrats had no role in organizing or orchestrating the protest at Governor Brewer’s event on Friday. As an organization that brings speakers to campus on a regular basis, we do not condone the actions of the students who protested Governor Brewer, nor do we support them. We understand that Governor Brewer took time out of her schedule to come to our campus and as such should have been shown a much greater amount of respect than was shown.”

  3. Coulter Loeb says:

    I’m an independent journalist currently located in Washington DC to document the Occupy movement and its effects on the American democratic system. I am not an active part of Occupy’s direct actions, but have been embedded with the movement since October in Cincinnati and DC.

    First, I agree that it was entirely rude and uncalled for that Gov. Brewer was interrupted with a mic check. I personally dont agree with her policies, but she has the right to free speech.

    Second, lets talk about the word autonomy. The concept of the autonomous action is one of the driving forces behind any activist organization, be it Occupy or the Tea Party. The ability for a person to act upon their own political motivations, to not have to conform to the predetermined guides set forth by the greater group, is something intended to be ensured by our founding fathers and this nation’s preliminary governmental institutions.

    I was in the room when the mic check happened, and Chris was not there. I followed the group out of the room to figure out exactly what was going on and no one I personally talked to had a clue there was a banner drop taking place. The two events, (mic check/banner drop), happened nearly simultaneously, but I saw Chris nowhere near events inside of the building. Given both my experience observing the tactics activists use and the actual events of that night, it looks like Chris hadn’t wanted anything to do with the planning or the plans to mic-check set into place by the larger group, either due to some personal objection or interpersonal problem.

    I think “The Right Wing”s key misunderstanding of how the new youth collectives of this country are organizing comes down to the difference between horizontal and vertical leadership. Vertical leadership is something I’m sure you’re familiar with, as top-down organizational structures run rampant across the American sociopolitical landscape. In my opinion this structure is something the founding fathers would wholeheartedly condemn as being against the idea of a ‘democracy’ where all individuals have say in the course and development of the overall system.

    Horizontal leadership, or solidarity through autonomy, is something this country was actually founded on. The freedom to voice your own political beliefs and support whatever you want, regardless of what ANYONE else thinks, lies at the heart of our country. Don’t believe me?

    Your suppression of Chris’s first amendment rights are entirely out of place given that you attend “AMERICAN University” and the tactics you utilize attempting to do so are childish and quite frankly disgusting. Citing only the past few posts “The Right Wing” has made, you have not made any attempts to better the situation on your campus – you’ve only attempted to shovel as much dog shit onto your opponent as possible.

    The only one that smells like shit in the end is the person who’s been shoveling it for a living, and you young sir are already full of it.

    • Josh Kaib says:

      I’m not sure which part of your diatribe I find more comical. Is it the “independent journalist” part, the part about the first amendment, or the stuff about shit?

      I think you misunderstand the first amendment. How is exposing someone’s involvement with a protest a “suppression of Chris’s first amendment rights”? Did you even bother to read the entire thing? The post was pointing out the hypocrisy of the College Dems. They condemned the interruption of Jan Brewer’s speech, yet the President of the club has made it clear he finds the mic check an acceptable form of protest.

      And I made it clear that there is no evidence linking Chris to the planning of the mic check. I appreciate the feedback, though.

    • Paul B. says:

      How was anyone suppressing Mr Litchfield’s first amendment rights?

  4. Coulter Loeb says:

    (Ad hominem attacks are exactly the ‘shit’ I am talking about)

    What exactly do you hope to achieve going after someone for standing around with friends?

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