Chris Litchfield to Anti-Brewer Protesters: “You People are Beautiful”

On Thursday, we brought you the exclusive details about how AU Dems President Chris Litchfield took part in the protest against Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, which led to her untimely exit from campus.

Reaction has been mixed, unsurprisingly.  Those with negative reactions appear to misunderstand the point of the report, so I’d like to take a brief opportunity to clear things up.

First, this is not some sort of personal vendetta against Litchfield.  I personally don’t know him, but I wish him the best that life has to offer.  He didn’t get to be the AU Dems President by accident.  He earned it and was voted into that position by the club.

Second, this is not some sort of personal vendetta against the AU Dems.  The vibrancy of the campus dialogue depends on having a good relationship between Democrats and Republicans.  We hope our relationship strengthens as we stand united against the sort of action that took place on January 24.

Third, and finally, this is just one in a series of stories we are working on related to the Jan Brewer protest.  For those who were offending by earlier posts mocking certain aspects of Occupy AU, too bad.  If you support radical politics, you should be prepared to take some heat. Deal with it.  Later posts will probably offend you even more.

But now to the heart of the matter.  As I explained in yesterday’s post, The Right Wing obtained extensive footage of the incident beyond what was publicly available.  Below is video from outside of the Kay Spiritual Life Center just minutes after the speech disruption.

Chris Litchfield is among the protesters (he’s on the right side of the video, the person with the tattoo on his arm) and tells them “You people are beautiful. I love you.”

We will be making more of the video available shortly, and we are continuing to investigate this incident.  I want to reiterate, this series of reports is not designed to attack the AU College Democrats organization, its members, or its Executive Board.  It is about exposing the actions of one individual as part of a larger group that disrupted an AUCR event.


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Josh Kaib, a junior at American University, is President of AU College Republicans.
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