Why Did the Anti-Brewer Protesters Gather Outside of Kay? (Video)

Last week, The Right Wing brought you exclusive details about how AU Dems President Chris Litchfield was actively involved in the protests against AZ Gov. Jan Brewer.  We also released video that showed Litchfield expressing his “love” for the protesters.

Today we can release more video from outside of Kay Spiritual Life Center, which clearly shows Litchfield socializing with the protesters.  It also features a female AU student spreading misinformation about the AUCR Jan Brewer event.

Just to clear up some misinformation, this event was well-publicized through Facebook and  Today@AU.  Chris Litchfield also publicized the event (thanks for the help, Chris!) through postings on the “Occupy AU” and “Community Action and Social Justice (CASJ)” Facebook groups.

Those two organizations, Occupy AU and CASJ, were actively involved in the protests.  Occupy AU is not an official organization recognized by the University, but CASJ is, having been around in one form or another for decades.  The Right Wing has obtained evidence linking this student group and some of its members to the events of February 24.

That’s why the video of them gathering outside of Kay is so important.  The location is not a coincidence.  CASJ’s office is located in the basement of Kay, and it was a meeting place for protesters prior to the Brewer speech.

This message was posted to the Occupy AU Facebook group just hours prior to the Brewer event disruption.

The Right Wing pledges to continue the investigation until the culprits are brought to justice.  Their actions were in clear violation of American University’s Code of Conduct and must be answered for.

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Josh Kaib, a junior at American University, is President of AU College Republicans.
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  1. TJ Whittle says:

    This is so sad. Kay should be the one place where students on campus can escape secularism and spend time in the peace of God’s presence. Even if someone isn’t monotheistic, Kay serves a purpose as a place where we can contemplate the transcendent and leave the day-to-day political fights behind. The fact that these people use Kay as a launching point for their political activism demonstrates the way that this campus treats faith as nothing more than a motivation for a liberal social justice agenda, rather than an encounter with the divine.

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