Chris Litchfield Resigns, Calls AUCRs Racist, Proves That a “Dialogue” Would be Stupid

Former AU Dems President Chris Litchfield taking part in an "Occupy DC" protest that blocked a handicapped woman from exiting a building.

Chris Litchfield is no longer president of the AU College Democrats.  He resigned in an unintentionally hilarious op-ed printed in this week’s edition of The Eagle.  

I could respond to each of his ridiculous claims, but I have better things to do (like study for midterms).  So I’ll just list for you some of his most egregious lies:

  • SB 1070 “codified racial profiling” and forces police and teachers “to conform to a racist ideology”
  •  CRs have “organized multiple events targeting certain demographics with hateful programming”
  • AUCRs are antisemitic for eating ham on the quad
  • AUCRs posted anti-Che Guevara posters on the first day of Latino History Month
  • The anti-Che posters were “racism and intimidation”

I could go on, but his comical resignation is low-hanging fruit.  It just wouldn’t be fair.

But I will say this:  Litchfield’s disgraceful resignation is just more proof that having a “dialogue” with these people would be a big waste of time.  If members of the university’s administration think CRs should sit in a room with Occupy AU/CASJ to have a discussion, what do they think will happen?

These Alinskyite radicals disrupted an event with a sitting Governor.  They stood up and shouted her down.  They are the ones who broke school rules, they are the ones who damaged the university’s reputation, they are the ones who terrorized another club’s event.

The only “dialogue” between us should be an apology.  They should have to apologize, repent, and face the consequences.  AUCRs did nothing wrong, and I find it highly insulting that members of AU’s administration want us to have tea and crumpets with a bunch of community organizer wannabes.

I’m all for the kind of dialogue that Paul Bencivenga discussed in his recent Right Wing post.  Unfortunately people like Chris Litchfield and his ilk make that impossible.  Until AU administrators make that clear by taking action against them, I fear that dialogue between civil groups on campus will be threatened.

The preceding words are solely those of Josh Kaib and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American University College Republicans, the AUCR eboard, or the contributors to The Right Wing Blog.


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Josh Kaib, a junior at American University, is President of AU College Republicans.
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