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My name is Timothy D. Vallario, and I was born and raised in Morris County, NJ. I am now 18 and attending American University. I plan to major in Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government (CLEG) major in the School of Public Affairs, and a second major in Finance from the Kogod School of Business. I am a member of the American University Republicans and a member of US Foreign Policy Association. I enjoy politics and business.

“CPAC Frontrunners”

This past week in Washington saw the meeting of conservatives from all around the nation to campaign, give speeches, and enjoy Republican camaraderie during CPAC. CPAC, being the Conservative Political Action Committee, provides the ability and forum for Republican activists … Continue reading

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Milton Friedman on the Fallacy of Greed

This article is based on an interview between Phil Donahue and Milton Friedman during 1979. This interview was conducted in relation to skepticism over Milton Friedman’s book “Capitalism and Freedom” (1962) where he advocates minimizing the role of government in … Continue reading

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Christie’s Crusade

It was the night of November 3, 2009 I returned to my house from work around 10:30 PM. I came in shut the door, took out my keys, took out my wallet, put them on the table, and traveled over … Continue reading

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