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Paul C. Bencivenga was born and raised in Toms River, NJ. An 18 year old sophomore at American University, Paul is pursuing a double major in IR and ECON with a concentration in Middle Eastern Studies. A proud member of the AU College Republicans, he spends his evenings reading by firelight while enjoying a stiff glass of warm milk and a cigar. A passionate partisan, all of his political views are derived from a delusional tendency towards common sense realism. Paul is looking forward to promoting political clarity and focus to America's "lost sheep."

A Turning Point in Campus Dialogue

The following is an excerpt from an opinion piece I wrote for the Eagle back in November following the involvement of Occupy AU in a disruptive protest at the DC Convention Center that bordered on violent. This is absolutely shameful … Continue reading

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The Real Crisis of Confidence

Political pundits love to harp on whatever the public’s confidence in government is this month. What doesn’t get talked about enough is the confidence level in media. According to Gallup, 57 percent of the country has little or no trust … Continue reading

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